The demand for mini dental implants is here, the need is obvious, but do the techniques really work? Are they proven? Dr. Todd E. Shatkin has perfected these techniques over the last 30 years, and he has placed and Restored over 45,000 Mini Dental Implants with over a 95% success rate over that time. Furthermore, he has trained over 40,000 dentists on the patented techniques developed by himself.

Dentists are now using these procedures with the guidance of Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. Laboratory and are having similar success rates. Dr. Gordon Christensen, a respected clinician and educator, is completely supportive of the Mini Dental Implant concept. In fact, he has produced several DVD videos presenting his personal successful cases using these procedures. So, these techniques are proven and supported by some of the most respected professionals in dentistry.

The techniques offer unique advantages never before seen in dentistry. Patients and doctors alike are reaping the benefits of Mini Dental Implants. You, as an MDICA affiliate dentist will gain tremendous confidence from a support team that consults and recommends treatment options, where to place implants, what length and size implants to use, as well as general guidelines for individual cases. Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. Laboratory provides surgical guide stents and restorations making the entire process simple and affordable for you and your patients.

When you add up the total package, you can see that the MDICA is complete:

Techniques that dramatically reduce the risks of damaging delicate tissues.
The know-how to shape, direct, and operate your business
Tools to improve communication with patients, especially during consults
Business advantages like reduced pricing on supplies & media placement
Ready-to-use, professionally designed advertising components

When you step back and carefully analyze the demographics, the support, the techniques, and the total package you will conclude that this is the finest investment opportunity available in all of dentistry. With MDICA, you can focus your energy and effort on the most profitable use of your time. You’ll find our plan to be rewarding both financially and professionally.

As an MDICA affiliate dentist, you will join a highly respected network and support system of professionals, working together to capitalize on this vibrant profession, while building the world-class standard for this young technology. You will receive exclusive rights to a territory in which to market your Mini Dental Implant Center and will have an entire organization behind you dedicated to your success.

As exciting as the business opportunity is, equally exciting is what mini dental implantology offers your patients. For so long, thousands of people, by no fault of their own, have suffered the distress of having unattractive smiles, missing teeth or ill fitting dentures. No matter how much they may long for a beautiful smile, their options were disheartening. Oftentimes, the only other recourse was having unsightly and embarrassing dentures made. Mini Dental implants offer these individuals a permanent and perfect smile for the first time in their life.

If you are interested in becoming a Mini Dental Implant Center of America in your region, contact us today to learn more about this incredible opportunity.