mdica-successDr. Todd E. Shatkin has perfected techniques to deliver implant supported fixed and removable prosthetics in one appointment. Over the last fifteen years he has placed and Restored over 15,000 Mini Dental Implants with better then 95% success in that time. Furthermore, he has trained thousands of dentists on his patented technique. Dentists are now using these procedures with the guidance of Shatkin FIRST Laboratory and are having similar success rates. Dr. Gordon Christensen, a respected clinician and educator, is completely supportive of the Mini Dental Implant concept. In fact, he has produced several DVD videos presenting his personal successful cases using these procedures. He has also written numerous articles in support of the Mini Dental Implant system. So, these techniques are proven and supported by some of the most respected professionals in dentistry.

Dr. Christensen Articles & Compendium