For those of you who wish to incorporate our program into your existing dental practice and facility we offer the following:

  • Clinical training and skill building
  • Business model development
  • Marketing and advertising package and support including a full line of print, radio, and television ads for your use
  • Total assistance with case planning from Shatkin FIRST Laboratory Dental professionals
  • Patient communication techniques
  • Office Policy Manual
  • OSHA Compliance Manual
  • Medical Emergency System including all instructions for administration of urgent care (appropriate drugs are listed but not included due to expiration times)
  • Group purchasing discounts for supplies (as we grow, the discounts grow as well)
  • Business operation matrix to help you track the health of your business
  • Necessary Consent Forms
  • Patient care financing program to lower your expense and increase profit
  • Several procedural DVD’s from Dr. Todd Shatkin and Dr. Gordon Christensen on denture stabilization, single and multiple missing tooth replacement and full arch reconstruction.
  • 3 weeks of mentoring programs for clinical observation in the private practices of certified MDICA trainers
  • 2 days of in office start up support by MDICA Staff member

Regardless of which of our two options you choose, you can see that we have assembled everything you need to succeed. But is this really a good time to make this move?

Demographics indicate that we have the largest population of people 50 years and older in our history. These numbers will grow even more in the coming years. Statistics show that disposable income has never been higher. The stock market, a source of disposable income for 70% of Americans, is churning along at record levels. Spending on elective procedures such as lasic eye surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery, orthodontic treatment, skin treatments, has increased by 50% in the past 5 years. This ever-increasing population of 50 and older is no longer content with the limitations of aging.

So the question then becomes—why not now? We believe Right now is exactly the time to step in and offer a product and service that people are demanding.