mdica-todd-shtakinMini Dental Implant Centers of America

Comprehensive Business and Marketing System

Welcome to one of the most exciting and fulfilling opportunities that dentistry has to offer… mini dental implants. Dental Implant technology is a young innovation with tremendous promise for dentists everywhere. The Mini Dental Implant Centers of America have created a complete clinical and business system that guides, supports and enables you to become one of the premier dental implantologists in America.

As you already know, dentistry is a uniquely demanding profession. To excel, you need skills in multiple areas: clinical, managerial, marketing, accounting, personnel management, purchasing and operations management, sales and much more. That is a lot to expect out of one individual. Striving to do all of this well, can take a toll on your personal, family, and spiritual life. Wouldn’t it be better to be part of an experienced, successful and skilled team that could provide you the support you need while still allowing you the freedom of ownership, authority, and autonomy in your own business?

By excelling in mini dental implantology, you can offer people a chance at beauty that ordinary dentists can’t. It’s a practice that won’t just change the way people smile, it will change the way they live. Join our winning team at Mini Dental Implant Centers of America, and it will change the way you live too!